VATN at Skyline: Concept Mapping

OCTOBER 2014 at Visual Arts Teacher Network at Skyline

IdeaChartingBoardBookMaking BookMaking1 Jamie'sClassroomWallCharts Group Process.Printmaking


1) Topics of Interest for Future Sessions

  • Community – how to build
  • Clean Up Strategies
  • Academic Discussion
  • ESL Teaching Strategies and Resources
  • Frameworks – Framework]
  • Protocols
  • Integrated Learning
  • Teaching for Equity
  • Incorporating Technology
  • On-line Resources
  • Bay Area Resources [galleries/museums/exhibits, etc….]
  • National Visual Arts Standards
  • Idea generation strategies [send links to Design Thinking]
  • OUSD Resources – time/money/materials; prep time; grants; invite Phil Rydeen from OUSD Visual & Performing Arts Office to upcoming meeting
  • Artists of Color – ideas / archive
  • Website Sharing

2) Highlights of learning from last year   [Everything mentioned here is of on-going interest]

  •  Concept mapping
  •  Classroom community
  •  Reflection
  •  Flexibility with curriculum
  •  ILSP and inquiry based frameworks
  •  Teaching for Equity (choice)

 3) MAPPING Discussion Notes

What is mapping?

Sense of direction; visual exploration; design; clarity; where you are, where you are going, how to get there; pathways and interpretations; non-linear; exploring unknown territory/discovery; graphic organizer; expanding and organizing your thoughts; images and text; relationships between things; brainstorm

How can mapping be useful to your teaching/learning context?

  • Student reflection and metacognition…making thinking visible
  • Word banks
  • Timelines
  • Computer Games (i.e. Minecraft) are tie ins to mapping organization
  • Fantasy Maps; legends; vignettes (languages, flora/fauna)
  • Using google map and gps coordinates as teaching tools/resources

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