VATN at Oakland Tech Upper Campus: Ms. Arnold’s Class

SEPTEMBER  9, 2015 at Oakland Tech’s upper campus

Thanks all for a generative kick-off to the Visual Arts Teacher Network this year.  Thanks to Alicia Arnold for hosting the first meeting at Oakland Tech’s upper campus.

Alicia.Roxanne  AliciaArnold

Participants –   Teachers:  Deborah Green, Oakland Tech; Alicia Arnold, Oakland Tech; Ana Maria Gallegos, Madison; Deborah Gordon, Castlemont; Jamie Treacy, Skyline; Aracely Sifuentes-Ordaz, Skyline/SFSU; Carissa Moline, New Highland Academy; Peter Heckel, Oakland Tech; Kristen Vetterlein, Grass Valley.  Facilitators: Roxanne Padgett and Ann Wettrich

1. Welcome and Introductions.  Roxanne opened the meeting, welcomed everyone.   She and Ann Wettrich are working together through the OUSD Visual and Performing Arts Office to convene regular Visual Arts Teacher Network’s collegial professional development sessions this year.

2.  15/16 Meeting Schedule.

  • 2nd Wednesday of every month from 2:00-4:00 Drop in whenever you can during this time period. We hope to hold meetings at different schools in participating teacher classrooms. We passed around a sign-up sheet for those willing to host meetings.
  • Full day sessions during “buy back” days from 9:00-3:00 on Friday, October 16th at Oakland Tech in Deborah Green’s classroom and Friday, January 29 (located not yet confirmed—hoping for the Oakland Museum)

The PD calendar will be updated and posted on the Visual Arts Teacher Network.  OUSD visual arts teachers can register, using their password, through the On-Track system. Teaching artists who work in OUSD schools are also welcome, but do not need to register.

3.  Visual Arts Teacher Network wordpress website:   We reviewed the website that Ann created for the PD network and walked everyone thru the content menu that includes:

  • Calendar – with all our PD dates and locations.
  • Professional Development Session – this page includes abbreviated meeting notes and photos.
  • Resources – this page includes links to websites within our network and beyond. If you have information you’d like to share, send Ann an email:
  • Blog – this page is for you to communication with your colleagues within the network.  You can enter a question or comment in the LEAVE A REPLY box near the bottom of the page. The first time you do this, it will prompt you to add you name and email info.  Then your message will be sent to Ann (administrator of the site) for approval. So there will be a slight delay before you can see your message posted.

4. OUSD Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)  Office website   We reviewed and discussed its pages, content and resources. You are encouraged to explore further when you have time. Ann noted that the website is a work-in-progress and some areas need to be updated. Content includes:

  • Overview of VAPA vision, goals and priorities
  • Arts Blueprint – in 2014 the VAPA office created this new action plan and mission aligned to current district needs and priorities. This covers everything from funding and professional development to communication approaches.
  • Arts Incentive Grants – a new granting program launched in Spring 2015. Grant awards are currently being announced. The next grant cycle will begin in Spring 2016. There are plans to include teacher grant opportunities but the launch date is uncertain at present.
  • Arts Learning Anchor School Initiative – this program is being slowly phased out, but is still active. Information summarizing accomplishment over the last 10 years is included.
  • The site include links for further information on OUSD programs in specific art forms:
  • Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. The visual arts link goes to the Art Teacher Network website.
  • On-Track link to register for arts PD
  • Summer Arts Institute link – this program has been offered for many years, but may be phased out this year.
  • Resources – links to professional arts associations, funding resources, etc.  Mostly music-focused. For more visual arts resources, to the resource page of the Visual Arts Teacher Network website.

 5.  Future Planning.   We reviewed our planning notes from October 2014 (copied below) and added a few things to consider this year: Exhibition of Art Teacher’s work at MOCHA that addresses connections between art and teaching (and learning) practices; Session at the Oakland Museum, exploring museums as a site for learning. We then broke up into smaller groups to discuss our interests for the year and begin to make a plan.

Topics of Interest (October 2014 Review )

Community – how to build Bay Area Resources [galleries/museums/exhibits, etc….]
Clean Up Strategies National Visual Arts Standards
Academic Discussion Idea generation strategies [Design Thinking]
ESL Teaching Strategies and Resources OUSD Resources – time/money/materials; prep time; grants; invite Phil Rydeen from OUSD Visual & Performing Arts Office to meeting
Frameworks – Framework] Artists of Color – ideas / archive
Protocols Website Sharing
Integrated Learning Teaching for Equity
Incorporating Technology On-line Resources

Break Out groups shared current ideas interests. Highlights from are summarized below:

  • Sketch books and journaling
  • Sharing info about grant and funding opportunities
  • Oakland Museum as a site for PD
  • Self as Super Hero curricula
  • Theme-based teaching and learning
  • Makers Space
  • Choice-based curricula and classroom organization that provides students with access to materials
  • Media and computer-based art practices
  • OUSD Art Week in May
  • Pop Up Art event
  • Urban Sketchers League
  • Exploring Spaces where we meet
  • Identity Art
  • Art and Nature

6.  Next Steps / Action / Follow Up

  • Upcoming sessions: Wednesday, October 14, at MOCHA (2-4); Friday, October 16, 9:00-3:00 at Oakland Tech in Deborah Green’s classroom.  Be sure to register through the On-Lock system. Hope to see you there!! Encourage other OUSD art teacher to attend. Jaime and Peter volunteered to offer workshops in media and painting/watercolor landscapes. We will meet at Oakland Tech and some of our time will be spent at a nearby park.
  • Choice Based Curricula / Makers Space at Maya Lin Elementary School – Roxanne will explore the possibility of scheduling one of our PD sessions at this school, hosted by MOCHA teaching artist Constance Moore.
  • Website Updates. Ann will update with today’s meeting notes and will add resource page updates. Check it out! Send resource links to Ann for posting on the website!
  • Follow up info: Rogers Foundation / OUSD grants – personalized learning
  • 10 OUSD schools received planning grants.
  • Visual Arts Information Summary – Ann will send out email request for a brief paragraph on the visual arts programs at your school. This info will be compiled into a facts sheet on OUSD visual arts and posted on the OUSD Visual and Performing Arts website.


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