Buyback Day in Mr. Treacy’s Classroom

Skyline High School 

Participants: OUSD teachers – James Treacy/Skyline, Blanka Soltys/Fremont, Debora Gordon/Castlemont, Kristin Vetterlein/Grass Valley, Amber Miller/Chabot; Nestor Gonzalez/Dewey, OUSD Visual & Performing Arts Office – Phil Rydeen and Ann Wettrich.


1. Opening & Meeting Purpose  Phil Rydeen thanked Jamie for hosting the meeting and everyone for coming to plan an alternative PD program for visual arts teachers this year.

The district has shifted its professional development structure this year—dedicating Wednesdays for focused school site level PD sessions. This challenged the Visual & Performing Arts Office (VAPA) to come up with a new plan for convening visual arts teachers. We very much want to keep the Visual Arts Teachers Network (VATN) going and build on the momentum of the past several years and have dedicated resources to pay OUSD visual arts teachers for attending monthly or bi-monthly VATN sessions.

  1. 2016/17 VATN Professional Development Planning.  The group discussed schedules, structures and content to shape a new VATN professional development plan for this year. Highlights of recommendations include:

Logistical structures

  • Tuesday meetings from 4-5:30 at rotating school or community venues
  • Saturday morning fieldtrip type meetings at Bay Area museum or gallery sites

Meeting Content

  • Experiential, kinesthetic approaches with take-aways that can be easily and immediately applied to teaching.
  • Shorten check in time
  • Consider allocating some time at the meeting for “problem” of the month discussion and brainstorming of solutions.
  • Organize meetings around themes.

Themes and Ideas

Recommended upcoming PD opportunities in the community – see calendar page.

  1. Next Steps & Action Items
  • Next meeting: NOVEMBER 15, 4:00-5:30 Place and Topic TBD
  • VATN: How can we get a list of all visual arts teachers in OUSD? Phil will contact HR to see if they can provide.


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