VATN at the Oakland Museum of CA

Participants: Visual Arts Teachers – Blanka Soltys/Fremont & Oakland Tech; Michelle Lewis/Glenview; VAPA – Phil Rydeen and Ann Wettrich

Visual Arts Supplies – Phil reported that the he is working though the OUSDchannels and should be able to follow up soon, in providing all teachers who applied for $800 in supply funding with confirmation, PO numbers and information on how to order.

Online Resource Review – Ann did a quick review of our wordpress website and highlighted two arts resource links that we talked about in January—the Spiral Art Education website’s “cool curriculum” and PBS’s Art Assignment. We also looked and discussed thinking routines and other methods for engaging students in deeper observation and discussion of artworks in museums.

Museum Exploration – We decided to try out the “See/Think/Wonder” routine and the gallery-of-california-art-omca for 3-5 grade educators to heighten our observations and think together about how we might use and adapt some of these strategies in the classroom and/or museum settings with students. A small group, we enjoyed spending time learning from each other and the artworks, as we took time to look and think together. Themes that emerged included technique, identity, empowerment, contemporary art, different styles, media, time periods, cultures, and disciplinary perspectives in the portrait and landscape galleries.


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