Mr. Treacy and Ms. Hale’s Art 2 Class

These works are from a recent acrylic painting unit inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.  Students studied her diverse pictorial strategies and made two works of art inspired by the Skyline landscape.  The first piece was a "Visual Metaphor" painting and the second one was "Abstracted Nature."  

FLAX in Downtown Oakland!

Participants  Teachers - Blanka Soltys/Fremont; Debora Gordon/Castlemont; Deborah Green/Oakland Tech; Nestor Gonzalez/Dewey; Michelle Lewis/Glenview; Carl Barone/Roosevelt; Amber Miller/Chabot; OUSD/Visual & Performing Arts - Phil Rydeen & Ann Wettrich. Welcome & Opening - Ann & Phil Howard Flax was introduced and welcomed the group to FLAX. We thanked him for his hospitality in offering us with... Continue Reading →

VATN at International Community School

FEBRUARY 10, 2016 at   Visual Arts Teachers Network Participants:  Deborah Green/Oakland Tech;   Michelle Lewis/Glenview Elementary; Carissa Moline/New Highland Elementary; Ernest Alatorre/Greenleaf Elementary; Ana Ponce/Skyline High; David Mertens/Oakland High; Jamie Treacy/Skyline; Karen Zinkofsky/Oakland High; Ann Wettrich/OUSD Visual & Performing Arts consultant. Thanks to OUSD, VAPA staff, Sarah Wilner and Phil Rydeen, for organizing this joint... Continue Reading →

VATN at Oakland Tech: Curriculum Share Out

DECEMBER 9, 2015 at Oakland Tech Participants: Teachers – James Treacy/Skyline; Eldica Miller/Oakland Tech; Ana Gallegos/Madison; Alicia Arnold/Fashion Arts & Design Academy at Oakland Tech upper campus; Deborah Green/Oakland Tech;  Carissa Moline/New Highland; Michael Raytis/ Oakland Tech; Renita Pines/Oakland Tech; Phil Rydeen, OUSD VAPA Director; Facilitators: Roxanne Padgett/MOCHA; Ann Wettrich/OUSD Visual & Performing Arts consultant 1 . Intros /... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the VATN website! This is a collaborative resource for visual arts teachers and a portal to share our work with the world!   You are encouraged to explore and contribute to other sections of this site, including RESOURCES (with links and downloadable resource documents) and a BLOG SPACE where you can pose questions and... Continue Reading →

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